XCM Aggregator

Kawa's Cross-chain Message (XCM) infrastructure focuses on enhancing the security and resilience of cross-chain asset transfers, overcoming the vulnerabilities and complexities associated with traditional XCM protocols. Kawa achieves this by employing a proprietary XCM Aggregation protocol, which leverages multiple XCM protocols to establish a quorum.

XCM Aggregator

The XCM Aggregator serves as the core of Kawa's cross-chain messaging infrastructure. By utilizing multiple XCM protocols simultaneously, it ensures that the compromise or exploitation of a single bridge or XCM protocol doesn't affect the overall integrity of Kawa. Kawa aims to utilize on launch three well-known XCM protocols: Axelar, Layer Zero, and Wormhole

Key Features

  • Increased Security: Exploiting or compromising enough XCM protocols simultaneously to maliciously influence consensus is significantly more challenging than exploiting a single protocol.

  • High Availability: The aggregator ensures high liveness, minimizing the risk of critical security issues due to downtime.

  • Scalability: As XCM Aggregator volumes increase, transactions can be batched to enhance security while minimizing costs for users.

  • Interoperability: The XCM Aggregator can be utilized by other cross-chain applications, becoming a new DeFi primitive and industry standard for cross-chain messaging.


Kawa's XCM Aggregator contracts communicate with each other via multiple XCM (Xn) infrastructure simultaneously. A quorum (Qn) must be met for a transaction to be confirmed and the user state updated.

Future Developments

Kawa plans to continue enhancing its XCM Aggregator by incorporating additional protocols, expanding interoperability with other DeFi platforms, and refining its security features in response to the evolving DeFi landscape.

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