Supported Assets and Blockchains

Kawa is designed to provide seamless cross-chain borrowing and lending services by supporting a wide range of assets and blockchains. At launch, Kawa will have initial deployments on the Sei and Ethereum networks, with plans for expansion to Optimism, Polygon, BNB, and other Layer 2 and EVM-compatible blockchains. The following section outlines the assets and blockchains currently supported by Kawa and their respective Kawa Ports.

Please note that the list of supported assets and blockchains may be updated over time as Kawa expands its ecosystem.

Supported Blockchains

Additional supported blockchains, such as Optimism and Polygon will be listed here as they are integrated into the Kawa ecosystem.

Supported Assets

Kawa supports native tokens from the integrated blockchains, ensuring a secure and seamless experience for users. The list of supported assets includes:

Additional supported native tokens from integrated blockchains will be listed here as they become available.

Kawa Ports

Kawa Ports act as entry and exit points for cross-chain asset transfers. Each supported blockchain has its own Kawa Port that facilitates the deposit and withdrawal of assets native to that chain. The list of Kawa Ports for the supported blockchains is as follows:

Additional Kawa Ports for integrated blockchains will be listed here as they are implemented.

By continuously expanding the list of supported assets and blockchains, Kawa strives to provide users with a diverse range of options for cross-chain borrowing and lending services.

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