Step 5 - Get your NFT!

Visit the tasks page on By successfully completing all the campaign tasks, you should see a green check on the right side as in the following image:

If you've done a task and the completed status haven't been updated, you can press the refresh icon on the right side of the task:

Now that you've completed all the task, the claim button on the bottom should become active

  • Click the "Claim 1 NFT & 100 Points" Button.

At this point you will need some $SEI tokens on your Sei wallet to claim your NFT, otherwise an error message will appear. The required $SEI balance should be < 0.02$ (only for the gas fees of minting the NFT). You can easily get $SEI tokens from a centralized exchange like Binance, Kucoin, BingX, MEXC and withdraw them to your Sei wallet.

  • Press "Sign" on the pop-up transaction on your wallet

  • A pop up window with a confirmation that your transaction was submited will appear. Don't forget to also follow Kawa Finance on Galxe!

You now are a proud owner of the Kawa Flow NFT and access to Phase 2 with more exciting rewards! 💙 You can check it out on your Galxe profile page at

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