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Flow Campaign Guide

A detailed guide on how to participate in the pre-launch campaign of Kawa on Galxe, Flow

What you're gonna need

  • A X (twitter) account
  • An email
  • A Sei wallet (Fin, Compass, Keplr)
  • A few $SEI tokens for gas fees on minting the NFT (More info on how to send $SEI tokens on your wallet on Step 5 - Get your NFT!)


  • A unique Kawa Flow NFT!
  • Access to Phase 2 of the campaign which will get you the Discord "OG" role and thus access to exclusive rewards on Kawa's full launch. The phase 2 campaign is launching on January 4th.
  • Even more rewards will be given to participants of the campaign, revealed along the way. Don't miss your chance to be one of the first supporters of Kawa and the Sei ecosystem!

Step-by-Step guide


Refer 3 of your friends to complete the Phase 1 Flow campaign and win an additional NFT!


If you have any questions or you need help with completing a task, reach out on our support on our social servers: