Create a Compass wallet

A guide on how to install the Compass wallet for Sei

  • Click "Install Compass"

  • Click "Add to Chrome" in the top right

  • Press "Add Extension" in the pop-up notification

  • A new Compass wallet page will open in one of your tabs

  • Press "Create new wallet"

  • In the next page you will be given your secret phrase for the Compass wallet. Press "Copy to clipboard" to copy it or write it down. Be cautious to keep your secret phrase in a safe place and not to lose it, it is the only way to recover your Compass wallet.

  • Press "I have saved it somewhere safe." to proceed

  • In the next page you will be prompted to enter 3 random words from your secret phrase for confirmation. Enter them and click "Confirm" to proceed.

  • Enter your preferred password in the next page and click "Proceed". This password will be used locally to access your Compass wallet.

  • Your Compass wallet is now complete! You can press the puzzle icon on the top right section of your Chrome browser to pin Compass for easier access

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