Kawa Ports

Kawa Ports serve as interfaces that enable cross-chain asset transfers between different blockchains. Each supported blockchain, including Sei, has its own Kawa Port for locking and extracting assets native to that chain. Kawa Ports communicate with Kawa Core using the XCM Aggregator.

Key Functions

  • Cross-Chain Transfers: Kawa Ports facilitate the seamless transfer of assets between various blockchains, expanding the platform's interoperability.

  • Communication with Kawa Core: Kawa Ports interact with Kawa Core through the XCM Aggregator, ensuring efficient communication and coordination between the different components of the platform.

Public Methods

  • Supply: This method locks a user's asset in the Kawa Port, which is subsequently credited as a balance on Kawa.

  • Invoke: This method invokes a signed notice from the Kawa Port. Notices are messages containing instructions for a function generated by Kawa Core, processed by the XCM Aggregator, and stored in the Kawa Port awaiting user interaction.

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