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Ambassador Program

Kawa is committed to building a strong and engaged community of users, developers, and ambassadors. The Ambassadors Program is designed to incentivize and reward individuals who contribute to the growth and adoption of Kawa protocol. Ambassadors are expected to actively promote Kawa in their respective communities, engage with the team and the wider community, and provide feedback on the protocol's development.

Benefits of becoming a Kawa Ambassador

  • Early access to new features and products
  • Access to exclusive content and events
  • Opportunities to collaborate with the Kawa team on new initiatives
  • Kawa swag and merchandise
  • A chance to earn KAWA tokens for your contributions

How to become a Kawa Ambassador

Details about the process for becoming a Kawa Ambassador will be announced soon. Stay tuned for more information on the application process, requirements, and rewards.
We encourage anyone who is passionate about Kawa and interested in promoting its growth to consider becoming a Kawa Ambassador.
Last modified 7mo ago