Kawa is an innovative, cross-chain decentralized lending protocol offering perpetual, variable rate loans, designed to meet the increasing need for interoperability among various blockchains. As the proliferation of blockchains is expected to escalate in the coming years, driven by factors such as the need for application-specific blockchains, greater scalability, and advancements in blockchain algorithms, Kawa's omnichain money market enables users to deposit any major asset on any supported chain and borrow a variety of supported assets across multiple chains seamlessly.

Key components of Kawa include:

  1. Kawa Core: The central ledger on the Sei network, which stores account balances, risk settings, and other essential information.

  2. Kawa Ports: Interfaces for cross-chain asset transfers, providing public methods like Supply and Invoke for user interactions.

  3. XCM Aggregator: Enhances security by requiring a quorum from cross-chain messaging providers before committing changes.

Kawa's proprietary XCM Aggregator introduces a new DeFi primitive that improves the security and availability of cross-chain messaging protocols through increased decentralization, making reliance on a single XCM protocol obsolete. XCM aggregation is the future of DeFi, enabling seamless access, communication, and liquidity for users across the globe.

The Kawa development team has crafted a user-friendly interface for the smart contracts, which will soon be available at kawa.finance.

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